Residential Asphalt Paving

Driveway, Parking Lot, Walkway, Patio Paving

Are you planning to pave or repave your driveway? Call us for a quotation. With more than 40 years of experience paving both residentially and commercially, Provincial Paving has the skill, experience and know-how to ensure you get the best quality materials and workmanship. When paved by Provincial Paving, your new driveway could last the 15-20 years, with proper care.

We recommend that you get a quote from us in the early spring and commit to the work once satisfied with the quotation. This will place you into the season’s work schedule. The sooner you accept our quote, the sooner your work can be done. This is typical for all pavers in the industry, who are active between May 15th, and roughly November 1st or sooner.

When you hire Provincial Paving, we stand by our estimate – it’s an estimate, not a “guesstimate”.

Preparation for Paving

Our experienced and professional crew will always properly prepare the job site for the work we do. Paving involves tar and other materials that can mar and damage existing surfaces. We trim overlying grass and other vegetation and surfaces are completely cleaned of dirt and other debris. Interlock and fixtures are protected or cordoned off before we begin work, to prevent damage and traffic.

Excavate and Pave Projects

Excavate and Pave projects are the most involved. They require excavation of dirt and existing material to make room for the compacted aggregate that forms a solid base underneath your paved surface. We shape, grade and compact the aggregate to a depth of 12 to 14-inches. Once fully compacted, we will apply a layer of asphalt that, once compacted, is about 2 inches thick. Finally, we shape the edges to a nice finished look.

To begin a project, we first place a call to Promark-Telecon to schedule a review of your premises for underground lines, pipes and other services. We will also work with the property owner to identify any known underground services that cannot be damaged. Scheduling of this assessment requires about 14 days, after which the excavation can safely begin. An assessment for a Shape and Pave project is not required as this type of project does not involve digging/excavation.

Our conscientious and experienced crew will protect patio stones and other adjacent surfaces to ensure they don’t get damaged or soiled, but if in the very rare instance they do, we will replace/clean as necessary to your satisfaction. We also remove any excavated materials and waste as part of our offering.

Shape and Pave Projects

Shape and Pave projects are less involved. They do not require excavation as the existing compacted aggregate base (e.g. gravel driveway) is already in place, consists of suitable aggregate, and is of suitable minimum thickness to support the new asphalt.

We will carefully assess the integrity of the existing base aggregate, its thickness and quality. If it is adequate and settled enough for paving, we will shape, grade and compact as necessary. Once the shaping is complete, we will apply 2” of compressed asphalt to the gravel base.

Provincial Paving always finishes the paved edges.


After the work is complete, the driveway, parking lot or paved area is blocked off to traffic. Paved surfaces need time to harden. Pedestrians may tread the paved areas after 12 hours, but vehicles may be parked on the driveway only after a minimum of 48 hours. For extended care of your new paved driveway or surface, please refer to our Asphalt Care page. It contains important information on how to care for and protect your asphalt from damage and increase its longevity.

Resurfacing Asphalt

Your driveway’s asphalt is only as good as the base – the foundation on which it sits. You may be asking for us to resurface your driveway because it is cracked, broken or uneven. Sadly, it is very possible your poor driveway condition is due to the poor quality of the underlying foundation. We will resurface when the foundation is sound and will recommend excavate and pave when it is not. This careful determination would be done on site by a professional paving expert with 40+ years of experience.

Contact Us

If you are considering paving, call us for an on-site visit and no-obligation quotation. We are happy to hear what you would like done and we are happy to discuss how we can make your plans happen. Call Ed’s cell today, at 613-802-5346 or the Office at 613-928-2411 email us at [email protected], or visit our Contact Us page for more contact information.